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Carlos Pinilla, Partner in Uae Phone Number of Garrigues

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Carlos Pinilla, Partner in Uae Phone Number of Garrigues

Focused his presentation on collective bargaining and internal flexibility. Stating that “now internal flexibility has been proposed as an alternative to. Uae phone number and companies more easily value these measures than before”. Ernesto Sisto, Director of Solutions at Adecco Training. Has focused on existing training systems for professionals, highlighting that. It is very difficult for a company to carry out a training exam in the process of selecting a person. In Spain we focus a lot on training in technical skills and we forget about behavioral ones.  Margarita Álvarez, Director of Marketing and Communication of the Adecco Group.  Has stated that “skills will be what distinguishes workers. Collaboration, change management through resilience. Results orientation and Uae phone number are skills that are already here and.  That will continue to be in demand along with others such as personal branding.  Image management or cultural fit”

We must improve the quality of employment and increase job stability” The labor market is in a time of constant change, which requires workers and employers to get ahead, to the best of their ability, so as not to be left behind in its rapid development. That is why today the conference “The FUTURE of work and the WORK of the future” took Uae phone number  in Las Palmas, organized by Adecco, the international leader in Human Resources, and the Association for the Progress of Management (Apd). This meeting was attended by 120 HR directors and businessmen from the main Canarian companies. In addition, the event was attended by the Deputy Minister for Employment and Entrepreneurship of the Government of the Canary Islands, Rafael Yanes Mesa, who assured that “talking about the future is talking about the inevitable digitization of new information and communication technologies.

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Causing a change in the labor market to which we must know how to adapt”. The deputy minister has indicated that “some traditional jobs will disappear, but new ones will appear, and the same thing happens with companies. They will have to Uae phone number and modernize because those that do not will disappear. It is about new opportunities, new ways of producing, generating a demand for workers with attitudes different from those we knew until now. Professional profiles with a high degree of specialization in advanced programming language or computing”. In his speech, Yanes also mentioned that “in the Canary Islands there are profiles that are beginning to enjoy great demand, all of them related to the Image and sound sector as professionals in the development of audiovisual products, audiovisual assembly and post-production. This is due to the impulse of the film industry in the Canarian productive environment”.

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And regarding new technologies, the Deputy Minister for Employment has out that these not seen as “a new threat. Throughout history, advances have to an ally for job creation, but a great effort of adaptation is . In terms of employment, the most recent data showed positive data: despite the fact that Uae phone number unemployment increased by 0.3%, affiliation to Social Security shows that we are the second community in job creation. Our archipelago supports a high rate of unemployment that triples the European rate. We are aware of the long road that remains for the desired full employment, we must improve the quality of employment and increase job stability”.

The Deputy Minister of Uae Phone Number and Entrepreneurship

Of the Government of the Canary Islands, to end his speech.  Assured that “the crisis may have lessened its intensity.  But it is not over and its effects remain. Today training is vital for access to employment. We cannot exclude people who have left the labor market from this. The welcome was  Juan Miguel Sanjuán, president of APD Canarias.  And Alejandro Pérez, director of Adecco in the Canary Islands. For Alejandro Pérez. Employment has Uae phone number recovering steadily. But it is still insufficient. Regardless of the government, employment will be one of the main axes and either measures such as internal flexibility.  The role of collective bargaining or training are , or we will have a brake of an accelerator. The reality of the productive fabric and of the companies is very far from the educational centers and that must also ”.

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