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Communication Can Be A Saving Measure

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Communication Can Be A Saving Measure

One in three younger respondents indicates that influencers are one of the biggest sources of gift inspiration. We’ve all heard about removing third-party cookies from Chrome in 2023. How do consumers prepare for this? And what can we expect this year? Take-aways for marketers Prepare in time for Senegal Phone Number the holidays. Only half of the marketers in the survey indicate that they are well prepared. Make sure you have the package delivery in order to avoid the package pressure. For example, tie more local suppliers to your brand or ensure a larger stock. Start earlier with the campaigns around the holidays. Benelux residents will start their shopping earlier this year.

A Saving Measure

And in the 18 to 24 age group, more plans are made for large parties and trips. This group also indicates that they want to get into the party atmosphere earlier this year. Shall we draw raffle tickets earlier this year? And will the Christmas tree also be decorated sooner? On the other hand, there is the group of consumers over 45 who indicate that they want to organize simple holidays with family. The chance that this is related to the fear surrounding the coronavirus is of course real.

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Package wise a handy choice. Then hopefully all our presents will arrive on time this year. Positive Fact : Almost all marketers (94%) are optimistic about a sales increase this holiday season. What do we want? 75% of the respondents indicated that they would rather not get things. What do we want then? Fun parties and experiences! The growing desire for parties and getting together with friends and family is certainly also related to the corona crisis.

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