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Cross-Checking Invoices

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Cross-Checking Invoices

If you can’t tell so far from this guide, media buying is more than trading money for ad space. Media buyers must create meaningful vendor relationships which can save brands money and still VP Safety Email Lists provide them with a good reach.

An experienced media buyer also comes with these additional benefits:

The Best Deal

If you want the best bang for your buck, hiring a professional media buyer is worth it. Because of their network of relationships, they can cut you the best deal with a vendor.

Even without prior relationships with a specific ad space vendor, a media buyer has the negotiation skills to get a brand the best price. They will also understand the average industry standards so there won’t be any overpaying for brand exposure.

These professionals may be able to extend the benefits of an agreement with “value-added” or “added value.” These terms refer to ad space that is added to an agreement for free.

When an experienced media buyer has a great enough relationship with a vendor, they can negotiate prices and get value added to the agreement. This often happens when a media buyer has worked with someone in the past.

VP Safety Email Lists

The Best Slots

By working with a media planner, a media buyer can understand where your online advertising budget needs to be spent. They will base this on the placements that generally receive the most engagement.

There are a lot of trends that can affect ad availability. Media buyers stay on top of these trends and adjust accordingly.

For example, they can negotiate ad placements into a contract if ad availability is scarce due. To political campaigns, major sportings events, etc.

The Best Practices

There are various media buying tactics, some covered in this article, that can lead to conversions. However, it is up to the media planner and buyer to figure out which strategy is best for a specific brand.

Because they have experience with the best practices to use for certain industries. They can apply these techniques to any brand they come across.

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