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Do Spanish companies take advantage of the advantages of neuromarketing?

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Do Spanish companies take advantage of the advantages of neuromarketing?

If we speak in general and percentage terms, the answer is clear and it is a NO. Even today the business sector is surprised when it sees a person with a degree in Psychology in the company, and even more so if it is not dedicated to Clinical Psychology Samoa Email List or social support.In general, it is unknown that neuropsychology studies the relationship between the brain and behavior and that psychological science studies psychobiology, psychopharmacology, neurotransmitters, brain physiology, perception, attention, memory, behavior, etc. in its disciplines. and that all this is essential for the knowledge of the consumer and for making strategic decisions  in the company.Although recently the subject seems to be becoming fashionable in the Peninsula, (I was recently lucky enough to be a speaker at a conference on neuromarketing organized by the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs within its High Training program), the truth is that neuromarketing is still a great unknown in our lands.More than a decade ago, when I was working in the management of the Madrid office of a multinational market research company, I already made a first attempt when I wanted to apply the eyetracking techniques that were used successfully in the German headquarters of said company.

More than 10 years later, last week I received a statement about a day that was advertised with “a very novel technique, neuromarketing.” It turns out that nothing more and nothing less than in 1965, Krugman already published very interesting articles on the subject, such as “Brain wave measures of media involvement”.As if that were not enough, among those initiated into the world of marketing, the discussion continues about whether marketing is going to replace traditional market research techniques (qualitative and quantitative) and about which of them is better. Wouldn’t it be more interesting to use your efforts to use the best of each of the techniques to satisfy the consumer’s needs?The absurd controversy reminds me of my times as a student at the University in which, even in textbooks, we wasted hours and hours arguing about whether cognitivism, behaviorism, psychoanalysis or whether the technique was better or worse. No gentlemen, it is not about arguing about which of the techniques is better, it is about serving people in need of psychological help and solving their issues successfully. Idem with the techniques for the study of the consumer and markets.

Returning to marketing in Spain, it seems that the decisions made by the reptilian brain (resistant to change and innovation, focused on Uk Email Database survival and often called in English “old brain”) continue to carry a very important weight.Be that as it may and, to contribute my humble grain of sand, with this article I start a small series in which I will talk about the advantages of marketing in agri-food marketing, such as the study of the perception of the price of wines, the design of labels and packing’s, the design of gondolas and other tools of the point of sale, brand perception, impact of ads, etc.

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