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E-commerce: how Maxoutil increased its sales thanks to its merchandising strategy

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E-commerce: how Maxoutil increased its sales thanks to its merchandising strategy

Specialist in tools, Maxoutil is a French retailer with a catalog of more than 50,000 products, and more than 145,000 visitors each month on its website. The brand chose to implement Attraqts product recommendation solution to optimize the promotion of its products, in particular to implement an e-merchandising strategy. Presentation of this strategy which makes it possible to offer the right products, on the right locations, and to increase conversions. Download the case study The difficulty of managing merchandising manually With tens of thousands of SKUs, getting visitors attention to specific products is a real headache, especially if its all handled manually. High-potential recommendation spaces are therefore untapped, and e-merchants are depriving themselves of additional revenue. To fully exploit its product catalog, and take advantage of untapped areas of recommendations while improving its customer experience, Maxoutil has integrated Attraqts turnkey solution.

Automate merchandising with Attraqt

Specialist in product discovery, Attraqt allows photo retouching service e-merchants to gain in efficiency thanks to intelligent merchandising. The solution thus makes it possible to automatically trigger product recommendations in different areas, according to the visitors previous actions and in accordance with the brands objectives. Maxoutil can thus offer its visitors products that they will be more likely to buy. Concretely, Maxoutil started with one-to-many recommendations of the type “buyers, who saw such a product.

Bought such a product” they allow business teams to save time and focus on business strategy. They then implemented cross-sell and up-sell strategies through recommendations of complementary and similar products. The goal to optimize the display of recommended products and maximize conversions. The big advantage of Attraqt is that the merchandising teams can implement these strategies and test them, without going through the data teams or an agency. This allows them to see which strategies are the most effective and to refine the actions to be implemented.

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More sales, and time savings for the teams

Product promotion strategies consider user and product information. On the home page, Attraqt allows business teams to offer, for example, generic and popular products for new visitors. For existing customers, the recommendations are personalized, in particular according to the history of purchase. Attraqt also makes it possible to promote up-sell and cross-sell, in particular thanks to the recommendations of complementary products. On a product sheet for a drill sold without a battery. Attraqt is for example able to offer compatible batteries from the Maxoutil. Catalog thanks to its complementarity algorithms. The implementation of Attraqt allowed Maxoutil to see a significant increase in performance, but also a huge time saving. The marketing and merchandising teams estimate in particular that there has been a 150 increase in. Products sold via Attraqt recommendations.

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