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From the billboard to the internet the evolution of advertising

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From the billboard to the internet the evolution of advertising

Over the course of humanity much has changed. And within marketing it could not be different. Advertising. For example. Certainly has a trajectory full of changes until it reaches its ideal level. Traditionally. It was common to make announcements in specific ways. Over time. However. This gradually changed. Thus. It is also necessary to consider that there were many factors that influenced such changes in the way of promoting and selling products. With that in mind. We prepared this text as a way to discuss the process that led the advertisement to the format it is in today. So. Check out more on this subject below and better understand how ads work today. What are the types of advertisement Nowadays. There are countless ways to advertise. Whether for products more specifically or for brands. In a more institutional way.

What are the types of advertisement

Basically  The only limits are the creativity of the person making the ad and. Eventually. Certain Kenya Phone Number List constraints of brand personality or product characteristics. There are the more traditional ads. Those that appear on billboards in cities or even in other places. Such as bus stops or electronic advertising boards. Another very common type of ad is the one that is more invasive. Pieces that are almost mandatory to watch. This is the case of television commercials. Which constantly interrupt the programming awaited by the public. For example. Other types of ad take place through the purchase of spaces on pages of newspapers and magazines. What do all these advertising types have in common? Obviously not all possibilities were mentioned. But among those observed. What is the greatest common point among all of them? All are considered by most consumers as a nuisance most of the time.

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The difficulty in measuring results

When an advertisement interrupts a TV program. Or when advertising pages appear in the middle of the content UK Email Database of a magazine. It is always an unpleasant moment. Because. In a way. It interrupts a leisure activity. This means that what is. Many times. The first contact of customers with a product. Happens within a context that can be negative. The difficulty in measuring results Another major problem. Common to these advertising models. Is the difficulty in measuring results. After all. Have you ever wondered how it is possible to know how many people actually saw a billboard in the center of your city? As much as many people pass by the ad. It is possible that countless people do not even realize that there was an advertisement there. On television the logic remains. While there are audience numbers. It’s impossible to know how many stayed in front of the screen during the commercials. And how many went to the bathroom with the set on.

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