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How to set goals in Google Analytics: step-by-step guide

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How to set goals in Google Analytics: step-by-step guide

Learning how to set goals in Google Analytics can be the barrier between the success and failure of your digital marketing strategies. Because what is not measured cannot be improved. But it can also happen that trying to measure too many things can lead to what is known as ” analysis paralysis Google Analytics is a basic tool to extract in-depth information on basic aspects such as who your visitors are, from where they come to your Bulgaria Email List website or what are the keywords they have used.That to begin with because once they have entered your page you will be able to know exactly aspects such as the pages they liked the most, the time they have spent on them or from where they have left the visit.As you can see, all of them are elementary factors to be able to redesign your user acquisition strategies . As well as to define new strategies to retain users by modifying texts, images, CTAs , forms or any other of the elements of the web page.

Setting goals in Google Analytics is one of the keys to finding greater value in the use of this tool. That is why not just any type of objective is valid. On the contrary, the objectives that you set for yourself in Google Analytics must be closely linked to your business objectives.From there, the first thing to do is define the KPIs that you need to measure. Only in this way will it be possible to obtain the data that add value. But if you manage to find the right ones, it will be the technology itself that tells you how many objectives have been met. Or how you can do to comply with those that you have not achieved.

The first thing you should understand is that the objectives are configured at the level of view. To do this, you have to go to the account on which you want to configure the objectives and access the administrator. This is Uk Email Database where you will find the goal creation tool that Google proposes.However, to configure goals in Google Analytics that are interesting you must have a previously defined list of business goals . Only then can you improve with the data that this tool offers you.Of course, remember that, on occasions, it will be necessary to divide your objectives into micro-objectives that are easier to define and identify. And it will be the sum of those micro-objectives that will tell you if you meet the final objective or not.

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