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IOS and Android, the operating systems that conquer Spanish consumers and mobile users

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IOS and Android, the operating systems that conquer Spanish consumers and mobile users

77% of Apple users say they will keep this operating system on their next Smartphone. A figure that in the case of Android is 57% and in Blackberry it is reduced to 50%. Figures that, despite showing differences between operating systems, reflect a high fidelity ratio that increases as the knowledge and experience of the user in the use of Palau Email List the device increases. It is the main conclusion of the study carried out by GfK on the Consumer and Mobile Devices. The report has been carried out in 9 countries, allowing the differences to be collected at the international level. If we talk about Smartphone users in general, with 35%, Android is the operating system with the highest future purchase intention. For its part, IOS (Apple) is close with 30% while Blackberry registers a future purchase intention of 11%.With regard to new Smartphone users, it is striking that Android and Nokia (Symbian) account for the highest percentage of adoptions. Apple, for its part, conquers those with more experience. Thus, only 23% of new smartphone users use Apple, compared to 36% of Android and 33% of Symbian.

However, the smartphone market is still in the development phase, both in the adoption and in the experience in the use of the devices. Along these lines, Emilio González Villafranca, Director of the Department in the Telecommunications area at GfK Spain and member of the company’s International IT and Telecommunications Team, points out that “at this moment we are witnessing the definition of the bases of what is going to be the future of this market in Spain. The changing framework is forcing Operating Systems to quickly position themselves to try to attract the greatest number of users and ensure their participation in it, since as the user gains experience in using a specific Operating System, their loyalty to it. increases and becomes a captive customer. “The report also collects that the majority of Spanish smartphone users use it to surf the Internet, listen to music or send e-mails. The most advanced (who perform more than 7 different activities) seek greater interaction with their terminal through online games or viewing videos and are the most linked to their current operating system.

Among the motivations of consumers when adopting a certain operating system, simplicity stands out. In this sense, 77% of users attach greater importance to ease of use, while 70% indicate the possibility of accessing content through various Uk Email Database devices (access to the cloud) as the main factor. A third determining characteristic for 65% of users is the integration of applications and services.At an international level, these figures are similar to those of other countries such as the US or Japan. However, in emerging powers, the prevailing drivers are others. Thus, for example, in China or Brazil, the importance they give to access to content from any device stands out. The main reason is that many consumers in these countries have made a direct leap to mobile devices without going through PCs, so the limited storage capacity of Smartphones gives special importance to access to data in those countries.


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