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Learn the Ingredients of Top-Performing Content

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Learn the Ingredients of Top-Performing Content

Content is the feather that tickles your customer’s curiosity. Leverage the authority of other experts (as long as they aren’t your competitors).

It’s a pleasant itch they can’t help but scratch, and stellar content leads to stellar profits.

You need to capture the attention of visitors, so they convert into paying customers.


With a platform that’s rich in quality content. Content Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists that speaks to customer needs and demonstrates brand value. The best content stimulates interest, solves a problem, and leaves customers wanting more.

It establishes your reputation as an industry expert.

Generating consistently top-performing (and high-ranking) website content can seem overwhelming.

Strategize Your Content Development Efforts

It’s easier than you think:

  • Be concise. Stay focused. Eliminate confusing or extraneous ideas.
  • Be engaging. Win over readers with the fundamentals. Then introduce new insights about related challenges readers haven’t considered. Help them overcome those challenges.
  • Answer your readers’ questions. To level up your content game, you have to write copy that delivers answers better than competitors. Visitors seek you out based on the implied promise you’ll address their needs. Keep that promise.
  • Quote industry experts. Quotations, statistics, and studies add credibility to the content. Leverage the authority of other experts (as long as they aren’t your competitors).
  • Be adaptable and agile. Tweak your content based on customer interactions and behavior. As David Ogilvy said, “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”
  • Write for your target audience. Knowing your target audience is key to winning them over. While there are universal truths that appeal to most people, you still need to tailor the language, tone, and information to your targeted demographic.
  • Link to High Domain Authority (DA) Sources: Websites with high domain authorities serve as sources trusted by readers. The DA concept was created by Moz, the parent company of the Firefox browser. It uses a 1-100 scale of authority (100 being the best).
  • Learn to Write for “Scanners.”  Studies show people don’t read online like in print. They scan. They glance. You have mere seconds to win them over. Use short sentences.
  • Hook them with one-sentence paragraphs. They also remember to use analogies, humor, and emotion to make their stories memorable

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10. Use Storytelling to Educate While Entertaining

Picture it:

Potential customers Google your services while sipping their morning coffee.

They visit your site. They admire your attractive design scheme—the intuitive layout.

Their minds wander. They glance at other browser tabs. They consider clicking a competitor’s link.

However, then they spot your “About Us” section and wonder, “What can this company do for me?”

They peruse your team’s qualifications. “Impressive!” they think.

Conveniently, they find a significant section of pull quotes from satisfied customer testimonials. “They sound happy,” your visitor thinks.

Then they notice your “Free Resources” page. They watch videos, download useful infographics and e-books.

They read your call to action. “This is EXACTLY who I need!” they exclaim – excited to work with you.

You’ve won them over. Your content convinced them you’re the best. They share your content with friends on social media conversations.

For leading content providers, this happens every day. It can happen to you, too.

The best content creators develop content and use compelling storytelling to captivate readers and sell their message—to explain problems and solutions through relatable narrative. (They also remember to use analogies, humor, and emotion to make their stories memorable.)

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