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Let Us Imagine Changsha Phone Number It Is 2.3%–

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Let Us Imagine Changsha Phone Number It Is 2.3%–

But Antonio needs to collect them before that period in order to continue meeting the expenses derived from his work. In this case. Antonio could use notification factoring to solve his situation: He would become ‘ transferor ‘ –a term that designates the client who resorts to factoring–. The restaurant would be considered a ‘ debtor ‘. It would be now Changsha phone number a third actor comes into play : the ‘ factor ‘. This word defines the bank. Savings bank or Financial Credit Establishment (EFC) that provides factoring services to Antonio. Thus. If Antonio signs a factoring agreement with his trusted bank. The bank would pay the amount of the invoice issued to the ‘debtor’ – in our example.

The 5.000 euros that La Flor Restaurant owes him. But the bank would not pay Antonio the entire 5.000 euros: since it is understood that the financial institution assumes a significant risk of non-payment. It will deduct a previously Changsha phone number percentage –let’s imagine that. In our case. It is 3%–. With these figures. The bank will deposit a total of 4.850 euros into Antonio’s account. 5.000 x 3 = 15.000 15.000 / 100 = 150 5.000 – 150 = 4.850 euros the bank pays Antonio after deducting the agreed 3% from the 5.000 euros. Antonio does not deposit the entire invoice owed by La Flor Restaurant. But he makes sure he has liquidity to continue making payments derived from his activity. Later.

When The 90 Days Changsha Phone Number For The Collection

of the invoice have passed. The restaurant will pay the entire 5.000 euros to the bank –since it was a case of factoring with notification–. The bank will have earned 150 euros. But Antonio will have obtained liquidity without having to wait 3 Changsha phone number for the bill to be collected. Factoring example 2: a landscaping company Maria has a gardening and florist business. For the celebration of an important party. The Hotel Embajador buys her 100 flower arrangements for a value of 10.000 euros. Which she must pay within a maximum period of 60 days. During that period of time. Maria receives other orders and does not have enough liquidity to be able to buy the necessary raw material.

Changsha phone number

So she resorts to a factoring service without notification with which to obtain money in advance. In this example: María’s company is the one that acts as ‘ assignor ‘. While for ‘ debtor ‘ the hotel would be considered. And by ‘ factor ‘ we would consider the savings bank that provides factoring services to María. The savings bank would pay the Changsha phone number of the invoice issued to the ‘debtor’ –in our example. The 10.000 euros that the Hotel Embajador owes him–. But would not pay María the entirety. Since it is that the savings bank assumes an important risk of non-payment. A previously percentage will –in this case.

Which He Pays In 90-day Changsha Phone Number

With these figures. The savings bank will deposit a total of 9.770 euros into Maria’s account. 10.000 x 2.3 = 23.000 23.000 / 100 = 230 10.000 – 230 = 9.770 euros is paid by the savings bank to María after deducting the 2.3% agreed commission from the 10.000 euros. In this way. María does not receive the entire invoice owed by the Hotel Embajador. But she Changsha phone number  that she has liquidity to buy the raw material she needs to prepare other orders. After the 60 days stipulated for the collection of the invoice. The hotel will pay the entire 10.000 euros to María –since a factoring was signed without notification–. Which must be sent in full to the savings bank.


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