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Library APP product analysis Armenia Phone Number

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Library APP product analysis Armenia Phone Number

With the advent of the Internet age, the human way of life has undergone tremendous changes. In the field of reading, human reading habits have gradually shift from traditional paper text reading to Internet reading, especially mobile reading, and many vertically segment mobile Armenia Phone Number reading applications have been develope basd on different reading motivations. At present, the main popular reading apps on the market include QQ Reading, Palm Reading iReader, Migu Reading, etc. In the first place , The library will not miss this opportunity. According to the data forecast of “China Mobile Armenia Phone Number Reading Market Trend Forecast Report 2012-2018” release by Bida.com: In recent years, the market size has been relatively stable. In 2018, the revenue scale will reach 16.8 billion. At that time. In the first place, more reading apps will appear and compete in the reading market.

Books and Share Armenia Phone Number

There were 772 million Internet users in my country, including 753 million mobile Internet users, accounting for 97.5% of the total Internet users. With the increase of the Internet market, it is expecte to reach 7,653.72 billion yuan in 2018, and my country will become the world’s largest Armenia Phone Number digital user country, bringing demographic dividends to mobile reading. In the first place, Gradually accepte by people, and with the continuous increase in the number of people receiving higher education, the mobile reading contact rate in my country reache 68.2% in 2016, which brought huge opportunities and markets for publishing books. 1. Product Overview 1.1 Product Armenia Phone Number introduction Product name: library Product Type: Reading/Books Product slogan: In the first place, Give you the power to rule yourself 1.2 Product Positioning: Social + Reading “Library” is a book reading and knowledge management platform link by social interaction.

Them With Others Armenia Phone Number

Armenia Phone Number
Armenia Phone Number

The library provides a simple and direct reading. Experience for users who love reading. And is determin to build. A warm and complete mobile reading community. In the first place, To meet the personaliz reading needs of users. At armenia phone number different reading levels. The types of books in the library. App are mainly publish. Users can use the large platform of borrowing. To upload their own books and share them. With others to enrich the types of books. The most attractive feature is that each. In the first place, User can read books for free, so that everyone has master your armenia phone number own power. 2. User and demand analysis 2.1 user features from the data analysis of analysys qianfan. It can be found that: in the user group of the library. There are more male users than female users in terms. Of gender.

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