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Manuscry: integrating handwritten cards into marketing campaigns

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Manuscry: integrating handwritten cards into marketing campaigns

A channel sometimes overlooked by marketing and. Communication professionals, the handwritten card can be an excellent way to reach customers and prospects. Contrary to the practices of. Mass mailing which invade mailboxes with standardized texts, they make it possible to send personalized messages on handwritten cards written by hand by robots in ink and pen. Specialist in this format, Manuscry allows you to create personalized handwritten cards in a few. Minutes in order to work on the attachment to your brand, the retention of customers, but also to generate new leads.

Create a handwritten card campaign in minutes.

Manuscry makes it very easy to image manipulation service create personalized card campaigns written in pen thanks to an editor. You can customize the text of the card, which will then be written in pen by robots. The writing style and the design are obviously customizable according to your desires, or your brand universe. Custom fields with first name type variables make it possible to automate the personalization of all your cards. For example, you can import a file of customers, and have each of them write a unique card. manuscry1 The customization possibilities are numerous type of pen used and size of the writing, type of paper, type of envelope, signature, integration of a header, an illustration, a background… Another very interesting integrate a personalized QR Code into your cards in order to integrate tracked URLs into your communications.

image manipulation service

Reach prospects and customers differently.

The handwritten card is an original and UK Email Database differentiating way to address your contacts and prospects. Each card is indeed unique thanks to the imperfections of human writing. All of the writing styles are created from real peoples handwriting, not typos, and so are. Very close to a real card. Manuscry goes much further than just a service for writing handwritten cards to send to your contacts. The tool is designed to integrate into complex marketing campaigns, and to reach leads that you dont reach.

Through traditional channels. Manuscry offers the possibility of sending cards to your contacts already in. The base, but also of building up a base of qualified leads. For example, you can connect your e-commerce Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, etc. or your CRM Hubspot, Salesforce, etc. and set up automatic shipments according to different actions. For example, you can send a card one week after an order of more than €100, or wish your customers birthdays automatically.

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