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Mastering Search Engine Optimization

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Mastering Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization gets to the heart of effective digital PR marketing.

You need to bone up on the fundamentals of good SEO writing:

  • Make sure all your web content is indexed.
  • Be sure to use proper formatting tags (H1, H2, etc.)
  • Keep individual page URLs short and use dashes to separate words.
  • Learn to rank for Google. Produce authoritative Risk Managers Email List content and Google will prioritize your content.
  • Regularly perform keyword research. That means using tools like SEMrush to find the best and most relevant keywords for your content.
  • Keep up with changing trends. SEO marketing changes all the time. It pays to stay abreast with industry experts.

8. Develop Free Content for Visitors.

Educate readers using tangible downloads filled with actionable tips and helpful tools they can use now. Teach them a skill, so they feel empowered and grateful.

Why should you provide free content?

  • Downloads are portable. If visitors don’t stay on your page, they can revisit your PDF later.
  • It establishes you as an expert. Who else could develop such an authoritative white paper?
  • It expands your network. Downloads are easy to share, spreading word-of-mouth interest.

Makes sense, right? Grateful customers tend to stick around.

What kind of free content should you offer?

  • Blog articles.  Blogs are terrific educational tools that show off your expertise and your brand’s writing style. Online content like blogs is easily digestible.
  • Newsletters.  Email content has to be entertaining and useful if you want people to read it. Offer them valuable information on your industry and the services you offer.
  • Infographics and memes. Infographics convey many data in a small package. Visuals are great learning tools. Moreover, memes are a fun way to make your content shareable for younger generations.
  • Fun emails with Coupons.  This should go without saying, but everyone loves a good discount.
  • Videos. Video content is a great way to show off personality and incorporate humor.
  • Tutorials and courses. Whether video courses or PDF tutorials, educational content is always appreciated by customers and proves your expertise.
  • Templates. Depending on what services you offer, there are several template types you can offer customers to help them help themselves.
  • E-books. While e-books require an up-front time investment, they can lay out all the components of your platform, like a site map that indexes your services and expertise.

But wait—isn’t that giving away the farm?

Risk Managers Email List

Ingredients of Top-Performing Content

Not at all! Freebies are proven lead magnets that make visitors happy, drawing them closer to buying your products and services.

Not convinced?

Think of it this way:

Teach a woman to fish using your template, and she’ll be grateful. However, she’s busy, so she asks YOU to fish for her. Then later, she’ll want you to teach her to hunt bigger games.

Which you’re happy to do. For a fee.

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