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Media Buying Tactics

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Media Buying Tactics

As mentioned above, many different media buying tactics can place an ad in front of the ideal audience. A media planner will decide which one to use based on what the research suggests about the audience.

It is not enough to target an audience one time. Even after you VP Maintenance Email Lists convert them into customers, it is essential to continue advertising to them.

When you connect to your target market over and over again, you’ll have a complete inbound marketing strategy that relies on media planning and buying.

Programmatic Digital Display Advertising

We’ve already covered the definition of programmatic digital display advertising, but we want to uncover more about this media buying tactic. By using an algorithm, media buyers can bid on ad space that matches consumer profiles.

Through this tactic, you can build your target audience with the data you have on your current customers. You can match the customers you already have with potential customers you want to target.

You may have identified more than one audience, that is fine. In fact, you can go beyond that and layer on more audiences to extend your reach for a specific stage in the buyer funnel.

The additional layer audiences can be found through:

  • Demographic variables
  • Geofencing/geographic variables
  • Behavioral variables
  • Keywords (SEO)
  • Interest categories
  • IP Address Targeting
  • In-market audiences
  • Lookalike audiences and custom audiences
  • Retargeting and remarketing

The entire goal of programmatic digital display advertising and all other media buying tactics is to move potential customers through the funnel. Think about the decision/purchase you want them to make. Refer back to your objectives and goals if needed.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC advertising is another media buying technique that the digital world has brought forth. It involves placing ads in front of those who are searching for keywords based on intent.

When ads are placed in front of this audience, there is a better chance of generating awareness and gaining leads. A media buyer can use this technique to give the people exactly what they are looking for.

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