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Movistar, the first operator to launch the Facebook sms service in Spain

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Movistar, the first operator to launch the Facebook sms service in Spain

The world is clearly changing and moving fast. Perhaps faster than we thought, and sometimes achievements of science and technology far outweigh even all predictions and any known insights into science fiction itself.This would be a way of describing what the most advanced technological advances will allow us in just five years, such Norfolk Island Email List as the ability to read people’s minds. This is how resounding some of the predictions from the IBM company show. It will only be necessary to think of something, or make a phone call for this to be possible.In practice, the fact of reading minds does not refer to people being able to reveal the most intimate thoughts and secrets of others, but to the possibility that our brains can be synchronized with all kinds of computer devices that allow us, for example, to control the cursor on a computer screen just by thinking of the desire to more easily move or control conventional devices in home environments.

Some of the advances in the field of bioinformatics have already borne fruit through devices that resemble headphones with advanced sensors that have the ability to read the electrical activity of the brain and interpret from the gestures themselves to the thoughts without being necessary for this no other type of action. Undoubtedly important advances that are also being taken advantage of by NeuroMarketing, developing devices such as the NeuroFocus, capable of measuring the brain waves of consumers in the stimulation of products and shopping environments.Obviously, this immerses us fully in a new era of technological advances typical of the most extreme science fiction, but which are beginning to be a clear reality that will begin to bear its first fruits during the next decade.

The implications of these new developments are truly endless. Beyond the possibility of interacting or controlling all kinds of devices remotely just by thinking, a range of possibilities opens up that were unthinkable just a few decades ago.Let’s imagine for a moment having devices capable of establishing our preferences and the ability to Uk Email Database transmit our perceptions or feelings about different products so that these are collected by the brands and companies themselves without this being able to interfere with our personal thoughts and more. intimate. Or the possibility that when faced with the need to eat something sweet, through our electronic devices, a series of edible products or places to eat or dine may be suggested to us depending on where we are.Perhaps for all this we still have to wait more than five years, perhaps more or even several decades, although the truth is that the technology to make this possible is already a reality.

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