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Simultaneous TV and internet consumption reaches 77% among mobile device users

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Simultaneous TV and internet consumption reaches 77% among mobile device users

The 5th wave of the Televidentes 2.0 study sponsored by Ymedia shows a strong growth of Twitter and tablets while a demand arises willing to pay for online content.Ymedia has sponsored the 5th wave of the Televidentes 2.0 study carried out by “The cocktail analysis” for which qualitative ethnographic interviews have been carried out, mini-discussion groups have been organized and 1,500 20-minute online interviews have been carried out exclusively with Internet users from 18 to 55 years. This extensive and complete analysis of Tokelau Email List the situation of the audiovisual and digital consumer shows on this occasion a great growth of tablets, with a penetration of 12% in its first year, a strong increase in Twitter users, already reaching 28 %, and how the change in attitude of consumers, who seek and select content in an increasingly demanding way, is shaping a demand that would be willing to pay for audiovisual content on the Internet, especially in the medium and long term.The equipment in homes tends to stabilize and audiovisual devices are maintained, although some are being relegated, such as multimedia discs, to the new functionalities of televisions. However, there is growth in mobile devices for individual use, especially tablets, which achieved a penetration of 12% among the surveyed Internet users in their first year, and 44% of them affirmed that they would buy one.

Regarding social networks, ADSL equipment with Wifi in homes continues to grow, platforms are becoming universal _Facebook already reaches almost 80% of the Internet population_ and there is a very relevant growth of Twitter, which is already used by 28% of users. surveyed.Conventional television continues to occupy the central place in the habits of audiovisual consumers, but watching TV is an action that tends to become increasingly complex, with more and more multitasking users (47% of those surveyed use the PC, 4% the tablet and 29% the mobile while watching TV), and with the increasingly widespread habit of sharing comments about content on social networks.In downloading and viewing streaming content, there is a greater selection of content and a search for a better audiovisual experience. An emergence of a more sophisticated demand is detected and with a certain greater predisposition towards paying for quality content. According to the study, 27% of Internet users have already paid for a premium streaming service or content downloads.

With regard to Mobile TV, the percentage of respondents who own a smartphone goes from 38% in 2010 to 55% this year. Of these, 55% have a flat internet rate, but the consumption of audiovisual content is occasional, especially short videos (mainly YouTube) in waiting times and in social gatherings, but it is hardly used to watch longer content. At the moment, the audiovisual does not seem to achieve relevance on the mobile phone.Television Uk Email Database connected to the internet is a meeting often predicted and generally still expected. In this case, the opinions of users and non-users are completely contradictory. There are high expectations among those who do not have connected TV, they believe that they would use it a lot if they had it and they even talk about the end of conventional TV. But experience chills the assessment. Those who have a computer connected to the TV say that they use it only for specific uses and for viewing specific content: “I’m not going to surf on TV,” says one respondent. As for TVs with integrated internet, disappointment is rife with the service and the limited content.

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