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These are the signs that you should consider to position your site in Google

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These are the signs that you should consider to position your site in Google

Today more than ever, although many speak of the relevance of social networks, a tool like Google can still be considered crucial for brands with an internet presence, in fact, as shared by the firm Growth Badger , Google contributes up to 8 times more traffic than all social networks combined. Given this importance, for the websites of brands list of the phone and companies it is still important to work on the positioning within the search engine, therefore, if you are in charge of a company’s website, it will be crucial to know the factors or signals that you will help position your site in Google today. Here we will see what they are.As shared by Aleh Barysevich, founder and CMO of the Link-Assistant firm, the following are the 13 factors that the websites of brands and companies should consider if they want to obtain a better position in Google during 2020:As the first factor to position your site in Google, the expert points out that search intention is one of the most recent aspects to take into consideration. It is about trying to match the type of content that the user expects with the words or phrases they use in their queries.In practical terms, taking search intent into account means that every time you want to get a higher ranking for a certain keyword, you have to search for it in Google, then you have to see the top ranked pages and create similar content for those keywords.

The exercise is to stop relying on your own interpretation of keywords and start using search results to create a connection between your content and what your users want to see.Having attractive titles can be considered basic at this point, however, it is important to remember it and know how to identify when you have titles that are attractive.According to the expert, to check it and get your site to position in Google, a good way is to see if the title has an adequate performance based on CTR benchmarks.While keywords remain an important element of SEO, the way they are used has become less obvious and less aggressive when trying to rank your site on Google. With various Google algorithms and tools, such as Neural Matching, RankBrain, and BERT, the search engine aims to extract meaning based on context rather than considering specific word combinations. This makes things like keyword density and exact matches less important for on-page SEO.

However, even with the above, keywords in spaces such as the title are still important and are one of the factors for positioning. The same applies to headings, alt texts and the main text of the content, only in the latter case they must be distributed well or risk a Google penalty.The number of external links that lead to your site are still among Uk Email Database the main factors to position your site in Google. However, you should know that many links that come from a single source are not as valuable, therefore, you must maintain an extensive network of collaborators and partners to work on projects and attract back links.A good recommendation, according to the expert, to build a network that provides these backlinks is to contemplate the competition and try to discover their sources of backlinks. Some may be unique to them, but a vast majority are likely from directories, bloggers, and industry publications that you can collaborate with.


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