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What we should try together is that


The economic measures are not so bad. We must act quickly to try to avoid the collapse of liquidity and chain bankruptcies. A truism that I never tire of repeating is that the only entity in society that creates employment and wealth is the company. And no other. The other entities of society are “helpers”. “hinderers” or neutral. Spanish companies and entrepreneurs have shown that we have always been up to the task . On this new occasion. Spanish citizens have shown great civility by staying at home to avoid contagion. But from the point of view of economic activity. Companies cannot stay at home. Spain is a great country and we must make an effort to prepare ourselves from today so that.

As soon as the health crisis is over. We can overcome the economic crisis that is coming as soon as possible.Aid for the self-employed after the crisis: this is how they stay Posted on 05/26/2020 for self-employedfinance meeting-digital-effects-economy-extremadura-access-2020 The Government announced weeks ago new aid for the self -employed . One of the groups of the Spanish active population (around 2 million Spaniards are self-employed) most affected by the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. Since the State of Alarm and confinement were decreed in mid-March. Many workers and companies have been able to benefit from ertes (Temporary Employment Regulation Files).

These mechanisms are not applicable

In the case of the self-employed. Hence. The Government has launched special aid designed to ensure the survival of self-employed workers. Benefit for cessation of activity One of the proposed measures is to make a small benefit effective for self-employed workers who have to end their activity as a result of the pandemic. This benefit includes the payment of a monthly economic aid for cessation of activity and the Social Security contribution for common contingencies. The objective of this aid is to cover the situations of termination of the activity of the self-employed that have been motivated by an involuntary situation. Such as the coronavirus crisis.

Who can apply for the benefit? This benefit is intended for the following groups: the self-employed included in the Special Scheme for Self-Employed or Self-Employed Workers and self-employed workers included in the Special System for Self-Employed Agricultural Workers. How to request the benefit? To apply for the monthly benefit. The self-employed must complete the Request for Benefit for Cessation of Activity and submit it to the Mutual Insurance Company that normally covers the worker’s professional contingencies or to the State Public Employment Service if they are covered by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS).

Amount of benefit The amount

Of the benefit is 70% of the Regulatory Base and is calculated according to the average of the bases for which the worker would have contributed during the 12 months prior to the legal situation of cessation of activity. Aid for the self-employed after the crisis Flexibility of ertes An ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation File) is a mechanism through which companies. And for reasons of greater effect. Can decide to suspend employment contracts or reduce the working hours of their employees. Given the exceptional circumstances resulting from the pandemic. The Government has made ertes more flexible and these are proving to be truly useful mechanisms for the survival of companies.


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