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Which Knew How to Belgium Phone Number a Weakness 

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Which Knew How to Belgium Phone Number a Weakness 

Which gave us another way of looking at a bank». Szpilka made a journey through the history of the entity in spain and focused his Belgium phone number on the impact that new technologies have had on customer relationship channels, as well as on the raison d’être and the effect of the different marketing strategies and communication that the entity had launched in recent years. “ing direct spain was born at a very difficult economic time for the banking sector: many offices and a wide range of products and services. We saw the opportunity to offer simplicity in the choice focused on savings, which became our key to success. The approach was: try us until you trust and we will show you that we do it well ”, carina commented at the beginning of her intervention.

The claim then was: “ing direct, your other bank”. In 2005 there was a change in strategy: “people already knew us, trusted us and asked us for more services: payroll, direct debits, etc. Today we are the main bank of a third of our clients”. As a brand, they ceased to be just another bank to become ” fresh banking “, the day-to-day bank, with a Belgium phone number  range of products differentiated from the rest of the banks. “the acquisition model became more complicated, audiences began to differentiate themselves and the gradual fragmentation of the media made it much more difficult to measure the impact of our campaigns. The complexity of the data we had led us to business intelligence , to understand our clients and think about what could be a better fit for them”.

Ing Direct’s Belgium Phone Number Is to Become

But above all to be, a complete bank for all its customers. Its strategy focuses on two fundamental axes: internet (social networks, blogs, mobile) and the opening of offices. “we get more physical. And it is not because electronic commerce or the Belgium phone number do not work, since they represent the future of the banking sector, but because we prioritize, above all, the customer experience, for whom the perfect bank has offices. For us, opening 29 offices is absorbable. In the traditional banking structure, an entity with our characteristics should have 700″, explained the director. Return to responsible consumption and business ethics he insisted that the consumer has changed, that he behaves differently: «he calls for a return to responsible and sustainable consumption and business ethics.

Belgium Phone Number

He wants to know what the company believes in. What people make it up, what its values ​​are” and that the digital.  Revolution is also changing the way of selling and reaching the consumer. The rules are different: «the digital revolution has empowered consumers. It makes it easier for them to access much more information: they can read opinions.  Belgium phone number offers, say how they want the product, comment, etc. The relationship with the client becomes a priority and has to be participatory. Mobility and conversation are its keys, because. When it is difficult to stand out by product, you have to differentiate yourself by brand.  Go on to solve customer needs and be relevant to the consumer. And this change also necessitates a change in the structure and style of leadership .

Carina Assured That “We Belgium Phone Number Give More Voice

To the people who are in direct contact with the client; we are talking about collective knowledge. Which requires a change of chip in all those who work there to go from vertical to horizontal organizations. More dynamic, more connected; with cultures of im- entrepreneurship. To undertake from within the organization, in which the work of the Belgium phone number  leader is to inspire and mobilize». He shared with the attendees the 5 c’s of his definition of leadership: closeness, cooperation, communication, trust and commitment. “the real reason for being of ing direct is that people can feel ownership of their money and can manage it in its entirety”, he stated and concluded by reaffirming that “the company that is able to adapt to change beforehand survives”. Once her speech was over, carina opened the time for questions.

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